Dare You to Dance - 21 Day Challenge

Every day for 21 days you’ll receive an intentionally chosen song to dive deep into authenticity, radical self love, and healing from your highest self, through DANCE!

Here's how our journey goes:

✔ Week One: Your Body. Each day you’ll receive a song that helps you awaken your body in a new, exciting way to open to greater authenticity.

✔ Week Two: Your Emotions. You’ll get the chance to dance through all different emotions to help you experience greater self acceptance and love.

✔ Week Three: Your Heart. Move beyond emotional reactions and the chattering mind, and open to the true wisdom of the heart to receive spontaneous realizations and the healing of your highest self.

This is a chance to come to LIFE in a deep, loving, fun way. So come on, I dare you to dance!


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